One of the Black Knife Brotherhood's Lion Twins. Up for the running to take over the Black Knife Brotherhood; lovable scamp prince type. Who Cares?


Eldest son of of the Big Boss of Black Knife Brotherhood. Someday rising to be the new Big Boss is a weight that is placed on his and his twin sister Brandy's shoulders. The inedibility weighs heavy in both of the twins minds and sparks a bit of a rivalry between the two. Especially during the teen aged years growing up; though now Brandon has seemingly taken a back seat in the race.


Blithe, Facetious, Disputatious, Calculated, Materialistic, Valetudinary, Vitriolic (maybe?)

Appearance Edit

Think Demon Barber of Fleet Street but gaudy & also black.


Manifestation of the concept of one's own soul. Tho he has a tumultuous relationship with it in recent memory.

Fearing it's power Brandon coyly does multiple fake switches under the layered guise of hiding his actual switch- when actually it's a practice done to dilute the power of his soul projection to the level that he can control it.

A capable physical fighter-

15 Year old Brandon.Edit

Young bb w/ healthy relationship with power; views it as a conjured new friend.

26 Year old Brandon.Edit

Facetious so-and-so with a penchant for destruction and goods. Front for worry and indecision.

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