Basic Switch Powers Edit

In this world we call home anyone and everyone can manage too have Basic Abilities with our without a Switch ability. A lot of people have a "low level" of Switch Life but are not capable of even performing "Basic Switch Abilities." A good number of common people can perform Basic Switch abilities but usually don't rise too high in the Ranks in Gang's or the United Police Force. Although there are a decent amount of Basic Switch users who have mastered them all and have become just as powerful or more then actual Switch users.

Switch users all have a combination of basic switch abilities to go along and fuse with their natural Switch abilities. Though the more powerful the switch type the less the Switch user can master. Depending on the Switch type the user could use up to 1-5 basic switch abilities. Switch users have a hard time mastering Basic Switch abilities unlike normal humans who have only Basic Switch powers.

Abilities Edit

Basic Abilities Class Types
Plus Speed Body
Plus Strength Body
Plus Endurance Body
Plus Balance Body
Meditation Body
Prayer Mode Supernatural
Clones Supernatural
Energy Manipulation Energy
Energy Control Energy